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    Service it and save $$$$

    If you have hot water at home (which we think most people do), you might know the cost of setting it up or replacing it!

    Yes, that is right! You don't want to spend lots of dollars and days without hot water.
     Not good in winter!
    Call us now for a free onsite inspection!

    By servicing your hot water service, you can save 
    many thousands of dollars over time. 
    Let us show you how:

    Get your hot water service checked before it is too late
    Rheem authorised repairers
    If you have a hot water problem look no further
    100%  Guarantee
    We guarantee all hot water units for 3 years after servicing
    Prevention is better (cheaper) 
    than a cure
    For your wallet and for the planet
    About Us
    We are a plumbing business established in Melbourne since 1999 which is dedicated to servicing, maintaining and extending the life of hot water systems in Victoria.

    Our mission is to re-educate the masses in the truth about hot water so they can not only save thousands of dollars but also contribute towards saving the planet as well.

    We offer an ongoing inexpensive way of keeping your hot water service working properly, with a focus towards saving not only money but the scarce resource of fresh water.

    We, at APF Hot Water, are plumbers fully licensed in water and gas fitting so you have the peace of mind of getting the job done right.
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